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Welcome to Konoha High School! Set in an alternate universe, this Naruto roleplay focuses on the fun-fun good times and terrible, wangsty drama of highschool (and maybe the first few years of college). Students wishing to start the fall classes (they happen right now) must fill out an application and leave it with the Principal... Ibiki Tsunade!



1. Be Nice!, standard rules of courtesy apply. If you have a dispute with another member, either talk to one of the Moderators or take it elsewhere. We'd like this experience to be a pleasant one for everyone.

2. Activity, please try your best to stay active. We know that most of you have RL, but...
a) If you plan on being MIA for more than three days, please leave a post in your character journal or in nhs_ooc noting that for the benefit of everyone else or e-mail a mod.
b) You must start participating in threads within two weeks.
c) If you are inactive for more than two weeks, your character journal will be removed and your character put back up for the taking.

3. Stay in Character You can get a little OOC, but not too much, please. The point of picking that character is to play that character, right? So stay in character. ^^

4. Use LJ-Cuts, for any posts exceeding 100-150 words (in the community or in your character journal), please use an LJ-cut! If you don't know how, go to LJ FAQ and learn. It's not as hard as it looks. Promise.

5. No Godmodding This refers to completly taking over other characters that are not yours. Feel free to plan something with other members, just don't take over their character.

6. No Powers, narutohs is set in an alternate universe. This means your character, be it Itachi or Konohamaru, does not posses skills beyond that of a normal teenager.

7. Multi-Characters for one player are allowed as long as you don't take characters that are very tied into each other (Ex: Sakura/Ino, Naruto/Sasuke). Due to a lack in faculty players we ask if you already have a student please take a faculty member instead of another student.

8. General Flow of the Comm Use your character LJ for your characters personal posts (kinda as if that character owned an LJ), use narutohs for action threads and logs, and use nhs_ooc for everything else. If you use your character LJ for any other rp please set it up so that we only see posts relitive to narutohs, so we don't get confused and mix rps. For posts in narutohs add the following to the beginning:

coonz / Kankurou-mod
fallentaiyoko / Kabuto-mod
palpable / Ino-mod
no_lady_luck / Tsunade-mod

Questions or comments? E-mail us at saucekay@hotmail.com (Ino-mod. ♥ )

Regarding any concerns for the set characters, if there's a character you have your eye on, but you're discouraged by one of their set characteristics, feel free to talk with us about it (in your application, e-mail, whatever) and we'll work something out.

If you don't know what's going on, check out the timeline.

The contact list is friends locked. Updated July 11, 2006

New members can get their friends list up and running with the Friend Add list, which is also friends-locked. Updated July 11, 2006

Free Characters
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Abumi Zaku: Plays drums in Orochimaru's band. Sometimes pretends he's a student at Konoha High.

Kidoumaru: Rivals Shino in his bug collecting. Works at the same Landscaping company. Sophmore.

Kinuta Dosu: Junior at Konoha High. Plays bass drum in the school band, and often goes over to Zaku's house/Tour bus/whatever to jam.

Konohamaru: Freshman. Lives with his grandfather Sarutobi, who used to be the mayor. B- average.

Moegi: Freshman. B+ average. Plays softball.

Udon: Freshman. B average. In the chess and math clubs.

College Goers

Hoshigake Kisame: Sophomore at Konoha University from Kirigakure. Kisame's pupils are always HYOOJ, and his hair is dyed blue. Gets really wacky at the arcade. Works in the fish department at PetKo.

Leader: The mysterious, unnamed leader of the Akatsuki Fraternity. Always telling everyone how gay he thinks friendship is, and wears weird contacts. No one knows how long he's been there.

Sasori: Sophomore at Konoha University, from Sunagakure. Majoring in sculpture. A- average.

Tobi: Freshman at Konoha University. He hangs out with Zetsu a little, and REALLY REALLY wants to be an Akatsuki member. He's into geeky stuff, and plays WoW like, 24/7

Zetsu: Freshman at Konoha University from Kusagakure. Wants to transfer to Iwagakure Culinary Institute to become a... chef. Also a fan of weird tribal customs.

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Akimichi Chouza: Chouji's dad. A chef at Chez Ninja. He has recently been hired to teach Home Ec.

Ayame: Friendly neighborhood lunch lady.

Baki: Recently moved from Sunagakure, he has been hired to teach Political Science.

Danzo: Housemaster. Wants to be principal. Sai's guardian.

Ebisu: Teaches Math.

Gekkou Hayate: School nurse. Probably the one passing sicknesses to the kids. Lets kids go home all the time regardless of actual health. His girlfriend Yuugao is in the army.

Jiraiya: Teaches Creative Writing and hangs out at the dirty porn theater all the time.

Mitarashi Anko: Gym teacher.

Momochi Zabuza: A loner of a man who just randomly one day appeared on campus. Having been previously denied admittance by the Army, he got by and by on petty theft, robbing from convenience stores daily. Deciding to find something else for cash that didn't involve increasing the length of his rapsheet, he was hired as the Health teacher at Konoha High.

Morino Ibiki: Ex-principal of Konoha Highschool. He has recently been hired to run detention and in-school suspension.

Namiashi Raidou: Genma's partner in anti-crime. Security Guard. Takes confiscated materials home with him.

Orochimaru: Leader of the band "The Oto Stones", but really teaches Band and chorus. Wears leather pants, and is known to be creepy, like Michael Jackson or Gackt... Invites Sasuke and Itachi over a lot...

Rin: School nurse.

Sarutobi Asuma: Teaches history. Befriended Kakashi. Constantly catches Naruto and Kiba smoking pot after school, but does nothing about it (he can relate).

Shiranui Genma: Local corrupt security guard. He and his partner Raidou constantly raid lockers and take kids out of class to seem efficient. Stripper on the side.

Shizune: Tsunade's assistant.

Touji Mizuki: Iruka's best friend. In and out of jail every other week, for stupid things like drunk in public, jaywalking, bad parking, and running up to officers and flipping them off. Used to be a teacher, but now he's just the janitor. Suffers from police brutality.

Uchiha Obito: Teaches Shop. Estranged uncle of Itachi and Sasuke, who was presumed dead after a long hiatus from contact.

Umino Iruka (Delfin "Iruka" Sanchez): Naruto's guardian. Teaches Spanish. His best friend is Mizuki, whom he visits in jail every week. He's an illegal immigrant from Mexico... don't forget your green card~!

Yamashiro Aoba: Security secretary. Hides in Raidou's trunk, and pretends he knows what he's doing. Follows the Dynamic Duo everywhere.

Yamato: Teaches art. Likes cats alot, and lies about himself.

Yashamaru: Sand sib's uncle. Works with the disabled kids at Konoha High.

Yuuhi Kurenai: Teaches English.


Kimimaro: Dropped out of high school to play guitar in Orochimaru's band. Is seen everywhere.

Kazekage: Mayor of Sunagakure. The sand sib's dad.

Nara Shikaku: Shikamaru's dad. Totally whipped by his wife. Currently unemployed, but is often seen at the movie theater...

Yamanaka Inoichi: Ino's dad. Owns The Little Oinker Flower Shoppe (okay, make up your own name... no seriously, go ahead.)

Taken Characters

Aburame Shino: Junior. Heads the math club and is a member of the chess club. Always talking about his ant farm/bug collection. B average, since math is his only subject. Secretly works as a landscaper and is secretly very buff.

Akimichi Chouji: Junior. B- average. Works at KoMart. Wants to go to college at the Iwagakure Culinary Institute.

Gaara: Junior from Sunagakure. Since Suna is small, he commutes to Konoha. Doesn't work, and his father's the mayor.

Haku: Senior. Due to his feminine features, he is often teased and shoved into lockers.

Haruno Sakura: Junior. Plays baskteball and softball. Works at The Ninja Way, a Goodwill-type charity.

Hyuuga Hinata: Junior. Doesn't play sports, and doesn't work (her father Hiashi is a real estate tycoon).

Hyuuga Neji: Senior. Parents are in the Peace Corps, so he lives with his rich uncle Hiashi. Plays golf.

Inuzuka Kiba: Junior. Works at Petko. Smokes pot during skipped classes.

Kankuro: Senior from Sunagakure. Big pothead. High every waking hour. Genius at woodworking (making puppets), but they always end up stupid because of the drugs. Owns a nasty ass rusted Daewoo. Doesn't work.

Nara Shikamaru: Junior. Leader of the chess club.

Rock Lee (Maito "Rock" Lee): Senior. Wrestling, swimming, track, and tennis teams. His father, Gai, is the gym teacher.

Sai: Junior. Works for the mysterious Billy Bandages on Pier 6 (also known as Danzo). Yes, he chops, skins, and throws fish in giant fish piles.

Sakon: Drama king of the school. Constantly refers to his "other self", Ukon, when he's acting. Sophmore.

Tayuya: Plays flute in the school band, and is a member of the chess club. Sophmore.

Temari: Freshman at Konoha University. Works part-time at KonoMax, a clothing department store.

TenTen: Senior. Plays Softball. Her parents own an antiques shop, where she works.

Tsuchi Kin: Junior at Konoha High. Plays Softball, Field Hockey, and does Indoor Track. She also finds time to play trumpet in the school band.

Uchiha Sasuke: Junior. Works as a Lifeguard at the YMNA (Young Men's Ninja Association). His parents are hardly ever around, and he suspects Itachi is trying to kill them. Lives in a big house, where people (not him) throw parties every Friday.

Uzumaki Naruto: Junior. Smokes pot during skipped classes. Lives with his guardian Iruka, since his parents died in a car accident when he was young. Works at KoDonalds.

Yamanaka Ino: Junior. Plays volleyball and is captain of the Cheerleading Squad. Doesn't work (daddy's little girl). Owns a light blue El Camino.

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Hagane Kotetsu: New science teacher.

Hatake Kakashi: New Guidance Counselor. Always gets in late and leaves early. His first friend is Asuma. Things always pass in front of his mouth so no one can see it... like random paper airplanes, or flying briefcases...

Kamizuki Izumo: New science teacher.

Maito Gai: Gym teacher. Lee's father. Students always make up lame excuses to go to Kakashi's office during his class.

Tsunade: Principal. A real drunk. Constantly competing with Hiashi for tallest building in Konoha. Secretly diverts funds for gambling.

Yakushi Kabuto: Plays bass in Orochimaru's band, and teaches Chemistry. Plays cards with Tsunade a lot. Seems to be aspiring to become the town lush.

College Goers

Deidara: Junior at Konoha University. A Average. Majoring in ceramics. From Iwagakure.

Uchiha Itachi: Sophomore at Konoha University. Prank calls Sasuke all the time, and doesn't work. Does amazingly well, considering he skips all of his classes.


Chiyo: Sasori's grandma. She's really creepy, and often shows people embarassing pictures of Sasori when he was a baby.

Uchiha Fugaku: Sasuke and Itachi's dad. Owns massive stock in some random business.

Uchiha Mikoto: Sasuke and Itachi's mom. Has quite a dirty reputation *shifty eyes*

How to Apply:

Now that you've read through the characters (more will be added later), you can apply by submitting here. Your application will get a response in a couple of hours, tops.

Also, you will need a character journal, which is an LJ you create just for your desired character. Wait until you get accepted before you create a character journal!


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