Family reunion.

He missed his mother. He missed his father. If someone paid him, he could even say he missed his brother. And although Hana was wonderful, and Kiba was a gracious host, Sasuke's time at the Inuzuka household had come to an end. He reflected briefly on what would happen as soon as he stepped back through the doors of his household: the things his brother had done to him, his father's admiration for nothing but his older son, and his mother's ramapnt pregnant oddities. But she, more than anyone, needed him to be home then.

He licked his lips, took a step forward, a step back. Living at home again would mean so many... unfortunate things. He could always turn and run. Naruto, despite his illness, had opened an invitation. Sakura was constantly asking to have him for dinner, and there was always Orochimaru. But no, now was not the time to turn a blind eye. He would stay and help his mother, whether he resented her growing stomach or not. He would cook food, and clean floors without his brother, and without his father, as he should have done in the first place.

Carefully, and with a little regret, Sasuke pushed open the sliding door to his old home.

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Spritzing a final spray of Febreeze on the couch, Ino stepped back and admired the clean living room. She sniffed the air and wrinkled her nose, then leaned against the table for support. Too much Febreeze, she decided, and walked to the door to let in the fresh breeze from outside. Satisfied, she plopped down on the couch and took a long sip from her bottle of Izze. When she had arrived back home from her trip to Micronesia (lawl), she had been on a cleaning kick and decided to sweep, disinfect and refurnish her home. Of course, all this hard work wore the blonde diva down quite a lot but nonetheless, she decided to have a little 'party'. It wasn't exactly a party if invitations weren't handed out, but she was sure that even if people didn't get the word they'd come rushing in anyways because she was, well, Ino. Everyone probably loved her. And plus, it was a reason to celebrate her presence and a reason to drink and possibly make another huge mess of her house.

Suddenly, after all that back-breaking work, Ino couldn't keep her eyes open anymore. So she decided to rest her poor aching body with a well-deserved nap. And possibly a dream about a certain sexy boy to come and sweep her off her feet and have mind-blowing sex with her. She smiled sleepily at the absurd welcoming thought and drifted off to sleep.

But sadly, she didn't realize that she had left the door open. Fantastic.

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another band practice.

It had better be successful this time.

Orochimaru packed his things after a long day of school, stuffing folders into his black, snake-skin tote and locked the door behind him. It was good being back, but he definitely wasn't missing the migraines as he thought he would. Damn brats were so disagreeable these days. Even the cute ones. He immediately headed towards the chemistry lab, assuming that Kah-buto would either be there, or by the truck. Ah, driving the truck was nice, too. Just driving in general was nice.

He knocked on the slightly ajar door of the classroom, "Knock, knock."
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hm. let me think that over!

Clouds outside the window...

The clouds outside of the window had been pleasant the past few days. One day after another, his hospital room had been blessed with a plethura of sunshine and heat. Though this would seem pleasing to many of the other patients, the couselor from the highschool had found it quite troublesome. Not to quote the infamous Nara Shikamaru, but Hatake Kakashi could not think of any other word.

Spring was just starting, but it was still this warm? And here he was cooped up in a hospital room with a leg in a cast while he watched Price Is Right day in and day out.


A butterfly. A beautiful, simple creature, flew just outside his window and it captured his attention. Maybe today would prove to be different, if it could be. Perhaps he would see a couple of fresh faces instead of the curious, prying, eyes of the nurses that tended to him.
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Sai grinned and sat calmly in his poorly furnished apartment. Ino was leaving for a while and he was going to miss her dearly ecstatic...hence the party. Actually, he just wanted to see her face when she got back and her little posse Sakura told her that Sai had held a party to celebrate her absence.

He glanced down at his watch and his smile grew. Hopefully everyone had gotten his text messages informing them that he was holding a massive party (he'd left out the purpose of the party knowing certain people wouldn't show if they knew). Now all he had to do was wait for the guests to arrive. Who knew, if he was lucky he'd be getting lucky tonight...
[ Sasori ] Grin

Party with Sasori

[[Ahh. WAKE UP. WAKE UP xP]]

Sasori grinned like an idiot as he set dragged the cooler in. Oh, Itachi and Kisame would be so pleased to find out that he was throwing a party. Attempting to have a social life despite his past of hiding behind his sculpture projects and being a silent but deadly type. He knew everything without people knowing him, somehow.

Yes, this was a party which would have booze, definitely, chips, he had, everything else was prepared. He had never thrown a party on his own before, but it wasn't something that he was oblivious to.

Now, all he needed...was people.
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Lunch Break >]

Yum. Lunch time. It was the best time of the day because he didn't have to deal with school-like behavior and deal with stupid brats. Sure, there were some delicious students in his class, but they tended to avoid him. And he couldn't do much about it, either. It would get him fired and all that jazz. How sssilly.

Orochimaru seated himself in the teacher's lounge a little early today. He didn't have a class to teach before lunch, but had one right after. He sighed and took a bite of his green apple. Mm, sour. Just how he liked it.

"What a draaaag... thisss place has gotten soooo dull all of a sssudden." he sighed, chewing absent-mindedly on his apple.
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Tenten glanced around in the field. There was no one around. She had hoped to see Gai there somewhere, doing some push-ups or running around the field. But there was no one. Only the wind blew and made her hair go messy.

Well, if there was no one around she could just start practicing by herself, she sighed and took the softball mitt and ball out of the bag. After fixing her hairdo she started the warming up.
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The Name of My Band.

Class was over, and he STILL had places to go. Life was just getting to him, and his old age wasn't helping either. Then again, it didn't matter because he still felt sexy in his tight, leather pants. The color scheme was white, purple and lavendar today. Purple was always the central theme, but sometimes he deviated and tried crazy colors like blue, or uh, g-gold! GOLD, HOW RIDICULOUSSSS.

"Band practicccce," sighed Orochimaru, picking up his student's attendence folders, instruments and mini photo album of the Uchiha brothers. "That silly child Zaku better show up thissss time, or I'll have to... teach him a lessssson."

He flicked the lights off and locked the two, large double-doors behind him and made his way out to the parking lot. The truck he rarely used, greeted him, and he shoved everything into the back. It came into use when there was band practice right after classes were over. He had to wait for Kabuto, who was probably still in the chem labs cleaning up. Irresponsible childrennn, making the adults clean up their mess FOR them...
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Staying Home for the Week

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Sasori lay down on the couch in front of the television, it was on low volume as he watched the news tiredly. He couldn't sleep. It was a horrible feeling mostly because he was so tired that he couldn't actually sleep. He realized taht and made a slight amused noise. He hoped today Kisame would come over and watch movies with him like he had said he would. Not later this week. Later this week Kimimaro would be returning and Sasori would most likely be spending time with him.

He yawned a bit, lifting up the remote and flipped the channels again.
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