Maito "Rock" Lee (omgeyebrows) wrote in narutohs,
Maito "Rock" Lee

Camping In Konoha [Open to All]

Who: Open to All
Where: In the woods, near a river; outskirts of Konoha
When: Afternoon

Lee emerged in a small clearing after traveling down the small dirt path through the woods. He looked down at his map to cross reference with his surroundings.

Hinata sure picked a nice spot to set up camp.

Several yards away from the edge of the clearing was an embankment to a small river, quietly flowing over smooth rocks and other natural debris. Trees hung over the river to provide a nice shading over the slow rapids. Just a ways down the shore sat a tree trunk, intact, cradled between the river like a slippery curved bridge. The clearing was soft, but not wet. Lee surmised it was probably a fresh deposit of soil left from the recently overflowed riverbed.

Lee’s chest swelled in his white sports tee, his shoulders rose, his backpack with it, as he looked up towards the patch of sky and took in a large breath. The fresh air and quiet nature was a welcomed change from the usual hustle and bustle of life in the city. It felt good to get away from the boredom of summer, the heat of the sun....well, it felt good to just rest..

Lee sat his backpack on the ground and knelt down in the middle of the clearing. He began sliding out his tent and laid it out to assemble it.
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An already weary Hinata stumbled in a few moments later, struggling under the painful pressure her backpack was putting on her back. As always, she'd overpacked. I only hope no one's here yet, she thought to herself, finding the clearing she'd informed everyone to meet her at. It'd really be embarrassing if anyone saw me like this-

She dropped the duffel bag she held with her free hand in shock, never noticing the slight thud it produced when it made contact with the ground. Somehow Lee had made it here before her - how had that been? She inwardly cursed herself for her tardiness and approached him.

"L-Lee-san!" she squeaked in slight mortification. "I didn't know I'd come late...where is everyone?"
Kin walked out from behind a tree, brushing a few leaves out of her hair as she did so and meeting eyes with the two already there. Her backpack was light, filled with tampons, a CD player, a few records, extra clothes, deodorant, and the few other things she would need for however long she was staying.

She was dressed in a short, tight tanktop, where the ring in her naval poked through the fabric, and also rather short excercise shorts to match. Not used to the heat, she had been wearing the least amount of clothing she could since she'd arrived from Oto, and was fairly content.

"Oh, hey...Lee!" she called, placing the awkward haircut and eyebrows to a face, "...and someone..."
Lee quickly snapped his head back at the sound of something rattling the leaf-covered ground. His shock grew into a smile when he saw Hinata at the wood's edge.

"Hinata-san, I am sorry, you are not late, I am early. I have to be punctual, it is my nature. I probably over did it however.....forgive me, I did not mean to embarrass you."

Lee noticed the small Hyuuga being overshadowed by the camping pack on her shoulders and began walking towards her.

"Please, allow me to handle that for you.."

Lee's attention was suddenly drawn a few feet over where Kin had just emerged from the brush. His brows lowered and locked, as if he were squinting when it hit him...

"Kin..?" He had not officially met Kin face to face; he was hoping his assumptions were correct. With a proud and somewhat innocent voice he continued with his assumption.. "Are you enjoying Konoha yet?"
Hinata nodded hesitantly and allowed the taller boy to take her camping bag from her. "Th-Thank you," she muttered softly before noticing that his attention had been diverted. Pale eyes soon landed on a new face she hadn't yet seen before; who was this girl?

Out of habit, she stayed behind Lee as the boy began asking this newcomer some questions. Maybe he'd been the one to invite her here...