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Office work (mod update)

Seeing as I’m completely broke and somewhat hungover I’ve decided to come back to the office and do some work go ahead, pick your jaw up off the floor. I’ve changed around a few little things, but here are some more major changes.

After being out of the office so long it seems that I have lost some important paperwork.....uh....sorry students, but you will be held back a whole year......and if you have, welcome back to Konoha High School!...*dodges flying objects*
(ooc: Kank and I have discussed this and we’ve decided that the students should stay in high school and that it should help the rp).

I shuffled some of the faculty around, I hope you like your new assignments:

- Zabuza, you are now to teach Health, teach those potheads something, eh?
- Ibiki, you are now in charge of detention and in-school suspension (you should love that)
- Baki has recently moved from Sunagakure and has been hired to teach Political Science. Good luck!
- Chouza has been hired to teach Home Ec (you’ll do great I know it)
- Kotetsu and Izumo I would like for one of you to teach Biology and the other to teach Physical Science. Decide among yourselves who will teach what and get back to me.

A definite schedule for the following year will be posted up shortly. In general here’s what I’ve got:

Jul - Konoha Fireworks Festival
Aug - School Begins
Sep - Homecoming
Oct - Masqurade Party
Nov - Harvest Festival
Dec - Winter Break
Jan - ...? Any ideas?
Feb - Valentine's Day Dance
Mar - White Day
Apr - Sakura Festival
May – Prom
Jun - Summer Break

If anyone has any suggestions just spit it out... Expect the Konoha Firework Festival to kick off in about a week!

Oh, here’s a Timeline

And if you have not done so, please update your friends list. Check the User Info for the list.

Also tweeked the rules a bit, please check 'em out.
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