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Hello post and heck, if you want to drop in, OPEN TO ALL

Kin let out a yawn, rolling her neck and being met with an array of loud popping noises. Two suitcases were in either hand, and she nodded to the bus driver, stepping down and into the loosely populated street. Her dark blue jeans were tight and clung to her form while a loose purple teeshirt hung off her frame. A coffee stain sat between her breasts from an accident a few hours prior. She let out a sigh.

Finally, that bus took forever...

She clutched her two suitcases and walked up the street past the many dupli that had been too full to make room for her. The heat of the town was causing miniscule drops of sweat to appear on her back of her neck, underneath her long thick hair.

She was here. Finally, she had escaped, and she was on her way to a different way of living. Kin had left right after school in Oto let out and making a run with two suitcases and three more being mailed to her new address it was perfect. She had already registered for her next year of school and had left a note for her mother, not telling her exactly where, but what she was doing. Father had touched her for the last time.

The concrete was hot under the sun and the out of shape houses made her cringe a little. So what if she had it rough for awhile, she could move into another place when she got more money.

She put down her second suitcase and checked her palm, which scribbled upon it lay her address in black sharpie. 15 Kishimoto Avenue...? She looked forward and saw the number 15 on the tall house in front of her. There was a multi-person mailbox out front and peering a little more closely at it she saw a rather fresh looking card with her name on it: Tsuchi Kin.

She grinned a bit to herself, walked to the front door, and knocked.

This was the beginning.


Hi everyone, I noticed this community was sadly enough, beginning to die. So to all who are still around please wave here so I know ^_^

My name is Morgan~I am your Kin :D! My aim is paradox kisss, so if you want, IM me anytime. I look forward to RPing with you and maybe can get a date as to when school starts up again, I would like to know, considering Kin has no friends right now o.o;

Much love for you all~♥
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