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To the park! [Open to all - directed at Gaara and maybe Sasuke.]

Naruto got there first - big surprise.

He had a habit of doing that, but he was hoping that anyone who would come for him wouldn't take too long. He was tweeking, to say the least, and couldn't pin down the reason. He wasn't really clothed for the occasion - for any occasion, really - just dressed in what he'd been wearing when he'd gotten home: a large t-shirt and a pair of skin-tight jeans he liked a considerable amount and had doodled all over in permanent ink. He'd thrown a jacket over the top on his way out, and he had his bag with him.

His bag, of course, was for his comfort food (more ramen, chocolate, and diet soda than the whole of China could eat), as well as a frightened pair of rabbits no one had heard anything out of for a while, who'd become rather tame in light of their previous attitudes over the course of a few weeks with him. He reached into the duffel bag's pocket to rub a knuckle against Kain's fuzzy head, and felt Okku nibble at his forefinger in an almost affectionate way.

He flopped back on the park bench, lifting the bag so that the bunnies sat on his stomach. (They knew better than to leave their place within it; they were afraid of the occasional bunches of cars that zoomed past.) The streets were illuminated by tall street lamps that cast eerie patches of light onto the near-empty roads that surrounded Konoha Park.

The blonde sighed and leaned his head back. It was almost eleven o' clock at night and he'd just left home without telling Iruka. Greeeeeeaaaaat. He was never going to hear the end of this.
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