kankinator (kankinator) wrote in narutohs,


A haze of a mixture of steam and smoke escaped the opening bathroom door as Kankuro stepped out. He dripped water all over the shag carpet as he secured the towel around his waist.

Now where did I put my face paint....

Kankuro walked down the hall, avoiding things like potatoe chips and dirty laundry. The house was a complete mess. When he got to the pantry door he twisted the knob and flung the door open. Grabbing various things on the shelves, he tossed them aside and spilled them to the floor after realizing the item he was looking for was not here. He then stomped up to Temari's room and started knocking things off her dresser and throwing he bed sheets across the room. Giving another glance around her room, he then made a step for Gaara's room before his foot caught on something causing him to trip and fall to the floor. Snarling, he regained composure and looked for his perpetrator. To his horror, he reached down only to find a pair of Temari's panties.
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