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Family reunion.

He missed his mother. He missed his father. If someone paid him, he could even say he missed his brother. And although Hana was wonderful, and Kiba was a gracious host, Sasuke's time at the Inuzuka household had come to an end. He reflected briefly on what would happen as soon as he stepped back through the doors of his household: the things his brother had done to him, his father's admiration for nothing but his older son, and his mother's ramapnt pregnant oddities. But she, more than anyone, needed him to be home then.

He licked his lips, took a step forward, a step back. Living at home again would mean so many... unfortunate things. He could always turn and run. Naruto, despite his illness, had opened an invitation. Sakura was constantly asking to have him for dinner, and there was always Orochimaru. But no, now was not the time to turn a blind eye. He would stay and help his mother, whether he resented her growing stomach or not. He would cook food, and clean floors without his brother, and without his father, as he should have done in the first place.

Carefully, and with a little regret, Sasuke pushed open the sliding door to his old home.

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