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Spritzing a final spray of Febreeze on the couch, Ino stepped back and admired the clean living room. She sniffed the air and wrinkled her nose, then leaned against the table for support. Too much Febreeze, she decided, and walked to the door to let in the fresh breeze from outside. Satisfied, she plopped down on the couch and took a long sip from her bottle of Izze. When she had arrived back home from her trip to Micronesia (lawl), she had been on a cleaning kick and decided to sweep, disinfect and refurnish her home. Of course, all this hard work wore the blonde diva down quite a lot but nonetheless, she decided to have a little 'party'. It wasn't exactly a party if invitations weren't handed out, but she was sure that even if people didn't get the word they'd come rushing in anyways because she was, well, Ino. Everyone probably loved her. And plus, it was a reason to celebrate her presence and a reason to drink and possibly make another huge mess of her house.

Suddenly, after all that back-breaking work, Ino couldn't keep her eyes open anymore. So she decided to rest her poor aching body with a well-deserved nap. And possibly a dream about a certain sexy boy to come and sweep her off her feet and have mind-blowing sex with her. She smiled sleepily at the absurd welcoming thought and drifted off to sleep.

But sadly, she didn't realize that she had left the door open. Fantastic.

((I just realized that my RPing skills are slowly going down the drain! Oh noez! HELP ME AND REPLY SO WE CAN HAVE A FANTASTIC PARTY! Yayayayayayay!))
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