Ouji-sama Kakashi (a_scarecrow) wrote in narutohs,
Ouji-sama Kakashi

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Clouds outside the window...

The clouds outside of the window had been pleasant the past few days. One day after another, his hospital room had been blessed with a plethura of sunshine and heat. Though this would seem pleasing to many of the other patients, the couselor from the highschool had found it quite troublesome. Not to quote the infamous Nara Shikamaru, but Hatake Kakashi could not think of any other word.

Spring was just starting, but it was still this warm? And here he was cooped up in a hospital room with a leg in a cast while he watched Price Is Right day in and day out.


A butterfly. A beautiful, simple creature, flew just outside his window and it captured his attention. Maybe today would prove to be different, if it could be. Perhaps he would see a couple of fresh faces instead of the curious, prying, eyes of the nurses that tended to him.
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