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The Name of My Band.

Class was over, and he STILL had places to go. Life was just getting to him, and his old age wasn't helping either. Then again, it didn't matter because he still felt sexy in his tight, leather pants. The color scheme was white, purple and lavendar today. Purple was always the central theme, but sometimes he deviated and tried crazy colors like blue, or uh, g-gold! GOLD, HOW RIDICULOUSSSS.

"Band practicccce," sighed Orochimaru, picking up his student's attendence folders, instruments and mini photo album of the Uchiha brothers. "That silly child Zaku better show up thissss time, or I'll have to... teach him a lessssson."

He flicked the lights off and locked the two, large double-doors behind him and made his way out to the parking lot. The truck he rarely used, greeted him, and he shoved everything into the back. It came into use when there was band practice right after classes were over. He had to wait for Kabuto, who was probably still in the chem labs cleaning up. Irresponsible childrennn, making the adults clean up their mess FOR them...
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