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There the old man sat, in the corner of the Teacher's room, carefully focused on the sheet of paper that he set on the desk, thinking of some brilliant ideas to put down on the paper! So brilliant, that it would make him wonder if he truly was a genius! Sometimes even blushing due to the dirty, dirty thoughts that he was getting.
It was of course one of the chapters he was going to put in the series he was writing, Ichiya Ichiya Paradise... He had.. been getting some inspiration for it lately these days.

Good thing that it was silent in the room, a good atmosphere to concentrate.. He had tapped the pen he had in his hand on the table for several times.. But yes! Finally! Something to write down! He put the tip of the pen on the paper, quickly scribbling down some words to make a rough draft.

The words became a sentence, and the sentence quickly turned into a paragraph or two.

"Jiriaya, why are you so amazing!?" He gladly said, holding the paper up to read what he wrote, gigging in the odd way he did. He set the paper back down on the table and took a quick sip from the cub of coffee that he had made moments ago.
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