Akasun Sasori (artist_sasori) wrote in narutohs,
Akasun Sasori

Staying Late in the Art Room

Being a sculpture major meant work. A lot of work and very little time to be with the friends he did have. So Sasori spent his time huddled over the marble, working with some tools as he did. He got lucky this semester, the college provided the marble because of a donation that they got. This made him very happy and very tired -- marble was harder to work with then clay or plaster, so that meant more time. Although this one project would be that for the entire semester, he wasn't going to be lazy on it and wait to the last minute. Sasori needed his sleep.

He yawned a bit as he started making comments to himself about how irritating it was. He moved out of the room, deciding it was enough for tonight as he headed out of the classroom and moved out of the art building, stretching as he stood outside. "Ah," he said to himself, "finally feels good to stretch out."
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