Yakushi Kabuto (flamingbassist) wrote in narutohs,
Yakushi Kabuto

Kabuto sat in his classroom after school, working on the infernal lesson plans, while attempting not to daydream about going out and playing with the band.

"I haaaaate lesson plans," he said to himself. "Someone just shoot me or something. Preferably 'or something'."

He flipped through the chapter they were currently studying, working on how to break it up and figure out what lab would be done this week. Hmm, maybe two labs if he could fit it in. He liked doing labs, they were more fun to teach than just lecturing.

He scribbled an idea for a test question into the margins of his paper, else he'd forget it, then turned to look at his beloved bass guitar in the corner, hoping to either finish these leson plans soon or have someone come distract him to play.
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