Hyuuga Hinata (日向ヒナタ) (bashful_hyuuga) wrote in narutohs,
Hyuuga Hinata (日向ヒナタ)

My Birthday! TAGS: All

Hinata was awake earlier than the sun today. Quickly and quietly bathing, she dressed herself and attempted to creep out of her manor unnoticed. Even though her cousin would be awake in a few hours and would demand for his breakfast, she figured she could at least get a short morning walk in before it happened.

She could only hope that he wouldn't find any means to abuse discipline her today...it was her birthday, and she thought it would be nice of him to let her off for her small mistake a few days ago. She really hadn't meant to drop his breakfast...

Taking a deep breath and letting a shy smile grace her features, she left the Hyuuga courtyard and began to walk.
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