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08:26pm 24/04/2006
mood: I can't write today, woe.
Ino tugged at her new kimono and walked gracefully along the path to the park where the Cherry Blossom Festival was being held. A small breeze rustled some of the trees, causing a couple of blossoms to float gently in the air. Everything was peaceful and serene, and she breathed in deeply. It felt nice to have a kimono that fit her once again, hugging her body and curves instead of confining it. Hopefully everyone else had gotten her email on where to meet.

A couple of booths came into view, selling dango and fans and masks, so she stopped by the first vendor she saw. She sighed and stood against the dango booth, tapping a foot and waiting patiently (well, patiently enough for her) for the others to show up. And to buy her dango and pretty things.

((I CAN'T WRITE TODAY AND I'M SO HORRENDOUSLY SORRY! AHH!!! Forgive me, all. I promise I have my better days.))
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