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Let's be friends~   
08:13pm 14/04/2006
mood: lonely
The night was thick with mist and clouds, threats of rain lingering on the fringe of the darkness with the same crazed electrons buzzing about that had been in Konoha for the past few days. It never rained, but it was always overcast. The Oto Stones tour bus sat negelected at the end of Orochimaru's driveway with a soft glow coming from the back window. The sillhouette of a boy, gelled hair, a bottle of beer, moved slowly in the light.

Zaku wasn't drunk yet, just buzzed. But that same drawl of loneliness that filled him every time he drank was starting to creep up on him again. He wished Orochimaru would come outside to empty the trash. At least then he could have someone to talk to.
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