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10:43am 25/03/2006
  Useful for the old membaas~

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01:20pm 25/03/2006
mood: PARTAY
Well, it was that time of the year again. The time to PARTY! But not one of those late night, beer guzzling pot fests that Iruka would never in his wildest dreams attend, no! This was a bonafide, chaperoned school function that could still be fun kids if you like tacos. Yes, it was spanish class. So much spanishy spanish in one tiny room a person would think they were kidnapped by rogue latinos and crammed in with fourteen thousand pounds of chili lights and tubs upon tubs of fake cheese. It was fattening and corny, yes, but Iruka liked it. And his students had better damn well appreciate what he was doing for them.

The front row desks had been pushed together to make a makeshift table, decorated with such classy things as bright yellow ruffles and a plastic donkey. Tiny sombreros loitered casually around plates of nacho chips and burritos, waiting for their chance to steal the food and run with it. But Iruka knew that. He eyed them carefully.
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