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09:57pm 26/11/2005

    Standing akwardly at the customs desk, Orochimaru stood explaining several "indesciminate" items to two porty, and very bored looking men. He had embarked on this trip with Kimi and Kabuto, hoping to gain a bit of a tan (maybe normal skin tone) and making sure he had plenty of lackies to carry his assorted array of swimwear. 

   Becoming quite frustrated at the guards OBVIOUS lack of taste, he huffuly killed them and strode away with his two companions. They were halted shortly before boarding by another fat man in a  blue suit. Apparently Kimi had been randomly selected for a baggage search. Luckily, it took almost no time, the only thing in Kimi's suit case was several chilled gallons of milk.

The guard gave Kimi a strange look, but said nothing.

   Orochimaru turned to Kimi as they boarded, letting Kabuto "non-chalantly" brush past him. "Keepin' em strong, eh?"

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