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05:37pm 26/10/2005
mood: chipper
Hey everybody!
I am saddened by the negative amounts of drabbles we're getting this week T_T

Also, Hinata-mun is getting married next month, and said she wasn't going to be around AT ALL, so she has left us.

This is an activity check! I know we got a few new members (Haku, Orochimaru), who I haven't really seen around anywhere, so... yeah, you have a week to reply.

Um, I also wanna start an action thread, so if you wanna be a part of it, or if you have any ideas, say so... because we like having fun.
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09:05pm 26/10/2005
  Drabbleology: Deidara and suffocation.Collapse )  
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Drabble, yay?   
10:02pm 26/10/2005
mood: busy
Complete absolute crack. @__@ I never write Deidara...

It's exactly 100 words, though, so YAY.

Deidara + Children = DOES NOT COMPUTECollapse )
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