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Hey! XD   
12:38am 20/10/2005
mood: bouncy
I'll officially be your Jiraiya-Sama on this community. D:

I'll be as amusing as I can. XD;
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Studying instead of working at work   
11:17am 20/10/2005
mood: determined
Sakura was supposed to be minding the cash register as part of her job at The Ninja Way, but things were so dead there that she had her calculus book out and was trying to get through the latest chapter in her notebook. She knew that the teacher hadn't gotten this far yet, but she wanted to make certain she was prepared when they got to this point.

She looked up occasionally in case somebody decided they wanted to buy something, but had a feeling that she would be able to not only study her math, but also some of her science during this shift. Sakura was quite proud to have an after school job, especially one that she was so good at. She knew a lot of her classmates weren't so responsible, and it made her happy to realize that if she ever did get asked on a date or get a boyfriend, she could afford to treat him to movies and stuff.

She put down her pencil as she leaned on the counter and watched people walk by as if the store wasn't there. She utterly hated how dead it could get in here, but she knew not all days were like this. She sighed, picking up her math book as she pulled herself up to sit on the counter. This way she could see people easier if she needed to.
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04:40pm 20/10/2005
  Hey guys! Recently we've gotten a whole bunch of new members!
Some of them don't have character journals yet, but whatev.

Jiraiya: lolomg_pr0n
Naruto (played by Chouji)
Sakura: lovely_kunoichi
Kakashi: copycat_ninja
Temari woundtootight
Hayate dr_hayate
Deidara: deideidei

I'll be putting up a new drabble contest soon, and whatnot. Um, since we're finally starting to get teachers and all that, I'll be expecting alot of action ^^
Oh, also, for the new kids:
Our very own lovely Ino-mun advertised for konoha_cafe, which is this nice place with lots of fun happy times that I'd be happy to see you at! It's all... represent NHS, and whatever. X33
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OOC Intro!   
08:19pm 20/10/2005
mood: bouncy
Hello there! I am the almighty counselor, Hatake Kakashi! Almight...? Meh, maybe more of a compulsive reader. Anyways, I'm one of the new members, as pointed out by iruka_sanchez I'll make my first post very soon! ^.^
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11:40pm 20/10/2005
mood: amused
Umm. . . I would just like to say that I'm *cough* playing Hayate. . . ^.^
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