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This space has been Choujified   
01:16pm 14/10/2005
mood: cheerful
Um, so...Dad said I should try to socialize more. He thinks I'm getting depressed 'cause Ino has been so busy with partying cheerleading, and Shikamaru has been otherwise occupied with Temari.

So hi. I'm always open for lunch.
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04:25pm 14/10/2005
  Hey everyone! This week's winner of the drabble contest is our cutey Itachi-mun! It can be found here!

Um, I was going to do a Shikamaru drabble this week, but since not many people participate, I thiught of something different~! This week we're going to be doing a Fan Soundtrack for a character. The person with the best (and by best I mean most realtive, tear-jerking, funny, etc) FST will rock the bucket! Hooray!

This week's FST:

Also, we have a new Chouji, so everyone say hi, okay? ^^

EDIT: I put up Tobi, the new guy. I love him so much, so somebody cool better take him! I stuck Kin, Dosu, and Chiyo up there too X3
AND we lost Asuma. She had alot of stuff to do, so like yeah. However, the Bleach HS pace of hers is still around and whatnot ^^
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