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Morning Announcement (9/26) Hollaback!   
03:02pm 26/09/2005
  Today we lost one of our characters. For those of you who actually talked to Shino... he is no more. Genma-player has sacrificed him on account of not being active enough, and she gave the comm her account.

Those applying for Shino:
bugged_up, and I keep the password.

This week I will also be adding characters like Suzume, Obito, and Rin to the list. If you feel up for some crack (WTF SUZUME?!) or... whatever... you know what to do.

ALSO: The drabble contest had all of TWO FUCKING ENTRIES, and the winner is Miss Genma-mun, with Foresight.
Now, since I did have a couple people tell me they thought writing Kakashi was too hard, let's see how this week's goes!

The Drabble Contest:

(Btw, if you have any suggestions for AWESEMME prizes... I would like that. <3)
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