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Sasuke's Clean-Up ((Who wants to help?))   
10:04pm 08/09/2005
mood: aggravated
Sasuke returned home early in afternoon, just after the last people had left his house. He tried to unlock the door, only to find it was already unlocked, and already open. He took a deep breath, stepped inside, and flicked on the light.

Trash was everywhere. Beer cans, empty and otherwise, littered the floor, tables, and random furniture. An ornate Hindi bucket by the door was filled with something that looked and smelled like vomit. A pair of panties hung from the light. One of the pictures of his mother and father lie upside down on the floor, on top of a massive stack of crushed potato chips and abandoned porn.

Well, the sitting room could be the worst of it...

The living room, kitchen, and dining room were all unrecognizable. Pots in front of the TV filled with playing cards, expensive bottles of champagne sat broken or drained in the cabinets, as if he wouldn't notice, and some of his family things, like a flag for instance, were in the fridge.

Didn't anyone notice he wasn't there for his own party? Didn't they have any respect for his house? Obviously not. Sasuke felt the twitch of annoyance presenting itself above his eye. He rubbed his fingers there and groaned. Clean up would be a bitch.
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