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Camping In Konoha [Open to All] 
03:28am 22/07/2006
mood: calm
Who: Open to All
Where: In the woods, near a river; outskirts of Konoha
When: Afternoon

Camping in Konoha!Collapse )
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Office work (mod update) 
05:41pm 14/07/2006
  Seeing as I’m completely broke and somewhat hungover I’ve decided to come back to the office and do some work go ahead, pick your jaw up off the floor. I’ve changed around a few little things, but here are some more major changes.

Yeah yeah, I finally did some work, where's my money!?Collapse )
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Hello post and heck, if you want to drop in, OPEN TO ALL 
02:14pm 29/06/2006
mood: ditzy
Kin let out a yawn, rolling her neck and being met with an array of loud popping noises. Two suitcases were in either hand, and she nodded to the bus driver, stepping down and into the loosely populated street. Her dark blue jeans were tight and clung to her form while a loose purple teeshirt hung off her frame. A coffee stain sat between her breasts from an accident a few hours prior. She let out a sigh.

Finally, that bus took forever...

She clutched her two suitcases and walked up the street past the many dupli that had been too full to make room for her. The heat of the town was causing miniscule drops of sweat to appear on her back of her neck, underneath her long thick hair.

She was here. Finally, she had escaped, and she was on her way to a different way of living. Kin had left right after school in Oto let out and making a run with two suitcases and three more being mailed to her new address it was perfect. She had already registered for her next year of school and had left a note for her mother, not telling her exactly where, but what she was doing. Father had touched her for the last time.

The concrete was hot under the sun and the out of shape houses made her cringe a little. So what if she had it rough for awhile, she could move into another place when she got more money.

She put down her second suitcase and checked her palm, which scribbled upon it lay her address in black sharpie. 15 Kishimoto Avenue...? She looked forward and saw the number 15 on the tall house in front of her. There was a multi-person mailbox out front and peering a little more closely at it she saw a rather fresh looking card with her name on it: Tsuchi Kin.

She grinned a bit to herself, walked to the front door, and knocked.

This was the beginning.

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Ice Cream Party at the park [Open to all] 
07:51pm 08/06/2006
mood: anxious
Several picnic tables sat under a canopy, one with a few buckets of open ice cream (strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate) and about every topping possible, including watermelon gummy rings. The unbearable heat has caused some of the ice cream to melt over the rim, through the cracks in the table, and onto the concrete next to the green gym bag; hopefully someone would come soon.

On the adjacent table sits Rock Lee, wearing a green t-shirt and khaki shorts. In his off hand is a white daffodil. Lee is intently picking away each peddle, letting it float to the ground as he mumbled to himself, completely unaware of his surroundings. He looks generally comfortable, but upon close inspection he would look a little nervous.
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To the park! [Open to all - directed at Gaara and maybe Sasuke.] 
03:45pm 02/06/2006
mood: sore
Naruto got there first - big surprise.

He had a habit of doing that, but he was hoping that anyone who would come for him wouldn't take too long. He was tweeking, to say the least, and couldn't pin down the reason. He wasn't really clothed for the occasion - for any occasion, really - just dressed in what he'd been wearing when he'd gotten home: a large t-shirt and a pair of skin-tight jeans he liked a considerable amount and had doodled all over in permanent ink. He'd thrown a jacket over the top on his way out, and he had his bag with him.

His bag, of course, was for his comfort food (more ramen, chocolate, and diet soda than the whole of China could eat), as well as a frightened pair of rabbits no one had heard anything out of for a while, who'd become rather tame in light of their previous attitudes over the course of a few weeks with him. He reached into the duffel bag's pocket to rub a knuckle against Kain's fuzzy head, and felt Okku nibble at his forefinger in an almost affectionate way.

He flopped back on the park bench, lifting the bag so that the bunnies sat on his stomach. (They knew better than to leave their place within it; they were afraid of the occasional bunches of cars that zoomed past.) The streets were illuminated by tall street lamps that cast eerie patches of light onto the near-empty roads that surrounded Konoha Park.

The blonde sighed and leaned his head back. It was almost eleven o' clock at night and he'd just left home without telling Iruka. Greeeeeeaaaaat. He was never going to hear the end of this.
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Hurry up, Sasuke! [Sasuke only] 
10:52pm 30/05/2006
mood: crappy
Sasuke's room...is so Sasuke O_oCollapse )
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10:31am 18/05/2020
  New thread for receiving appsCollapse )  
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05:06pm 15/05/2006
mood: hot
Kankuro's keys glimmered under the hot sun's rays while he twirled them on his finger. Squeezed between the fingers on his other hand was a lit joint, from which he took a puff from every other minute. Today was not an ordinary, scorching summer day. Today was special. Today was Kankuro's birthday. Leaning against his rusted van, a bored expression crossed his face. He had been waiting on the driveway for at least half an hour now. Where the hell were Temari and Gaara? And everyone else?

Everyone was supposed to meet him at his van a long while ago. Have they all decided to ditch? Kankuro let out a dejected groan as this passed his mind. But maybe it wasn't so bad. Maybe he could have a nice quiet birthday to himself this year. He took another drag. And maybe he could drive himself right off a cliff while he was at it.
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08:26pm 24/04/2006
mood: I can't write today, woe.
Ino tugged at her new kimono and walked gracefully along the path to the park where the Cherry Blossom Festival was being held. A small breeze rustled some of the trees, causing a couple of blossoms to float gently in the air. Everything was peaceful and serene, and she breathed in deeply. It felt nice to have a kimono that fit her once again, hugging her body and curves instead of confining it. Hopefully everyone else had gotten her email on where to meet.

A couple of booths came into view, selling dango and fans and masks, so she stopped by the first vendor she saw. She sighed and stood against the dango booth, tapping a foot and waiting patiently (well, patiently enough for her) for the others to show up. And to buy her dango and pretty things.

((I CAN'T WRITE TODAY AND I'M SO HORRENDOUSLY SORRY! AHH!!! Forgive me, all. I promise I have my better days.))
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Adopting the Crazy Hopping Things. [Open to all; mostly Haku. It's your house, right?] 
04:23pm 19/04/2006
mood: worried, to some extent...
"Christ, I smell like pot."

It was a rather random statement, which was not entirely out of the ordinary. Naruto didn't tend to stop talking very often if he was still capable of using his mouth so when others weren't around - or not listening, as the case might've been - he usually conversed with himself. It was bothersome, but he didn't really mind; didn't think about it too much, as it were.

Still, he did smell like pot. He'd started to really notice now that he didn't spend the majority of his life inhaling it. Sakura's restraining him had eventually worked him out of his headache and bad attitude about the whole thing. Having reassessed it, he'd started to remember just how much the highs had been waning. It wasn't really that fun anymore - he just kind of...you know, did it. That wasn't to say he was glad to be rid of it - he wasn't - but he wasn't that unhappy.

He looked around himself, blowing the blonde out of his face absent-mindedly. Haku lived in a part of town that he didn't often venture into, for lack of motivation. It wasn't run down, but it was no happy peppy suburb of a place, either. Kind of a ghetto without being too dirty, not too far from the living conditions the Uzumaki had become accustomed to. It was in a completely different part of Konoha, though, kind of far away from everything that might've caused a hubbub without being outrageously so.

He found the apartment building and brushed past a man who sat outside (who somewhat resembedled a crocodilian sort of creature), and began his walk up the stairs. Third floor, ninth door down, he walked. He yawned into his hand, brushed himself off, cursed, and then proceeded to rap on the wood once before yelling through it.

"Hey! Haku!"
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11:36am 17/04/2006
  A haze of a mixture of steam and smoke escaped the opening bathroom door as Kankuro stepped out. He dripped water all over the shag carpet as he secured the towel around his waist.

Now where did I put my face paint....

Kankuro walked down the hall, avoiding things like potatoe chips and dirty laundry. The house was a complete mess. When he got to the pantry door he twisted the knob and flung the door open. Grabbing various things on the shelves, he tossed them aside and spilled them to the floor after realizing the item he was looking for was not here. He then stomped up to Temari's room and started knocking things off her dresser and throwing he bed sheets across the room. Giving another glance around her room, he then made a step for Gaara's room before his foot caught on something causing him to trip and fall to the floor. Snarling, he regained composure and looked for his perpetrator. To his horror, he reached down only to find a pair of Temari's panties.
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Let's be friends~ 
08:13pm 14/04/2006
mood: lonely
The night was thick with mist and clouds, threats of rain lingering on the fringe of the darkness with the same crazed electrons buzzing about that had been in Konoha for the past few days. It never rained, but it was always overcast. The Oto Stones tour bus sat negelected at the end of Orochimaru's driveway with a soft glow coming from the back window. The sillhouette of a boy, gelled hair, a bottle of beer, moved slowly in the light.

Zaku wasn't drunk yet, just buzzed. But that same drawl of loneliness that filled him every time he drank was starting to creep up on him again. He wished Orochimaru would come outside to empty the trash. At least then he could have someone to talk to.
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Need an appointment? [Open to all] 
08:34pm 05/04/2006
mood: exanimate
Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.


Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

That clock seriously needed to be changed. Not only was it an hour late, but its infamous ticking within the echo-prone interior of his office drove him close to madness. Granted, the sound prevented him from close encounters with the sandman, but perhaps a digital one would prove more useful.

A black orb slid towards the clock then narrowed with a slight frustration. Hatake Kakashi wouldn't be able to read his favorite book if things continued. Interviews and meetings were scheduled any minute now and, because he had no idea if the office was `rigged`, he couldn't read here.

..He'd just have to wait until the day ended and it was going to be a long day.
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01:25pm 05/04/2006
  Neji adjusted his position to cross his legs. The desks they have at this idiotic school seem to be getting smaller and smaller every week. As usual, he was the first one to arrive. He made sure of this by staying at least several feet ahead of Hinata when he walked her to school.

Even the teacher has yet to arrive as he took out his binder and delicately placed it on his desk. But this moment of glory didn't last long when he heard a "click" of the opening door. Smirking to himself, he looked up to see none other than...
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[Open to All, Specially to Naruto] Naruto's House. Sakura. Ass Kicking. Tis All 
04:43pm 02/04/2006
mood: aggravated
Like Sakura said she would, she came over Naruto.  She wasn't going to break her word on this.  He was skipping school, he did drugs and who knows what other stuff.  The kid needed someone to reprimand him once in a while (and also a major ass kicking).  Besides, Iruka-sensei was sometimes too soft and not to mention gullible.

As she walked up the porch, she dusted off the dust from her clothes and then knocked lightly on the door.  WIth a smill, and gentle smile, she waited.
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Thommy's Pizza Shack [Open to whomever] 
10:09pm 01/04/2006
mood: calm
Thommy's Pizza Shack was anything but glamorous. It was small, lit by someone who could be commonly mistaken for a clown, and was known for its poor service. Sasuke paid no attention to the overstuffed plastic leather benches or cracked table. He ignored the old jukebox vomiting classic love songs from its electric interior, and the empty bottle of Guiness lying at his feet. A young waiter approached the corner table and removed a small notepad from his apron pocket.

"You want some drinks, or...?" Sasuke waved a hand and shook his head at the outrageously incompetant employee.

"Later." He mumbled. "I'm waiting for someone."
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[Open Thread] ~It's ice cream time! :D 
05:36pm 27/03/2006
mood: hungry
It was after school and Sakura and her group of friends (whoever may decide to come), decided to follow her oh-so-great idea by going to the new brand-spanking ice cream parlor that just moved into town.  Beside, Sakura was hungry and she was in the mood for some ice cream.  Possibly  she would get strawberry  ice cream with brownie bits, peanuts, cookie dough, sprinkles, marshmallows, cherries, chocolate syrup and whip cream to top it off.   The bell rang ahead of them as they opened the door and entered.
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10:43am 25/03/2006
  Useful for the old membaas~

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01:20pm 25/03/2006
mood: PARTAY
Well, it was that time of the year again. The time to PARTY! But not one of those late night, beer guzzling pot fests that Iruka would never in his wildest dreams attend, no! This was a bonafide, chaperoned school function that could still be fun kids if you like tacos. Yes, it was spanish class. So much spanishy spanish in one tiny room a person would think they were kidnapped by rogue latinos and crammed in with fourteen thousand pounds of chili lights and tubs upon tubs of fake cheese. It was fattening and corny, yes, but Iruka liked it. And his students had better damn well appreciate what he was doing for them.

The front row desks had been pushed together to make a makeshift table, decorated with such classy things as bright yellow ruffles and a plastic donkey. Tiny sombreros loitered casually around plates of nacho chips and burritos, waiting for their chance to steal the food and run with it. But Iruka knew that. He eyed them carefully.
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12:56pm 24/03/2006
  Kankuro plopped himself down on the floor of the auditorium. No one's going to show up. He could cover this whole stupid town in fliers and they still wouldn't come. With a heavy sigh, he rolled onto his back and tilted his head upside down to gaze at the countless row of empty chairs. Maybe he forgot to put the meeting time on the damn flier. He rolled his eyes as he strained to remember exactly what he put.

Like Drama? Of course you do.

Come to the school's auditorium at exactly 3:15 if you want in on the most bitchin' club ever in Konoha.

P.S. I'll hunt every last one of you down if you don't

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